Vice rector for intertnational relations

Dr. Ky Ravikun

KY Ravikun, PhD, female, Vice-Rector for International Relations. She has been involved in Higher Education Institution leadership and management for the past 22 years (still on-going). She also leads the EU-SHARE programs and COIL. She actively contributes in curriculum refinement and development for more than 17 years. She is leading Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) at PPIU; and takes part in the quality assessment of the Foundation Year and Institutional, Assessment of more than 70 HEIs in Cambodia, either as team member or team leader assigned by ACC over the past 17 years (still on-going).

She also led PPIU-RCI (Research Creativity and Innovation) project supported by Ministry of Education to write textbooks to support the teaching and learning and quality education. She is the country representative of ASEAN-QA Association, and an Alumni of the EU-SHARE Train-IQA. She led grant proposal writing, which has received the World Bank supported grants to HEIs in 2012, and in 2019. She led HEQCIP (Higher Education Quality and Capacity Improvement Project), 2012-2014; and is leading HEIP (Higher Education Improvement Project), 2020-2024, both were funded jointly by the World Bank and the Royal Government of Cambodia. She is a member of CESCam (Comparative Education Society of Cambodia) Scientific Committee. She taught Cultural Studies, ASEAN Studies, Global Studies, and Philosophy to undergraduate students in the past 15 years. She wrote Research on the Thai-Cambodian Conflicts, 2003 (unpublished paper), and Gender Issue in Cambodia in 2005 (unpublished paper).

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