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The Study of the State of Science Research and Innovation in the ACMECS countries: the Brainpower and Knowledge in Higher Education Institutes



The project investigates the research development landscape in ACMECS countries—Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam. Analyzing higher education contexts, research leadership, and identifying gaps, the study unveils diverse scenarios shaped by colonial history and political transitions. Common challenges like limited resources are encountered, with Thailand displaying advanced research ecosystem development, while Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Myanmar grapple with establishing a qualified researcher base. In contrast, Vietnam showcases substantial advancements through systemic reforms.
The study suggests a leadership program with six recommendations—vision and strategic planning, development of funding procedures, laws, and regulations, human resource development, incentive systems for researchers, research facilities and infrastructure, and research collaboration. Recognizing the contextual differences among institutions and countries, it proposes a collective learning and sharing approach. The initiative encourages Thailand or Vietnam, in collaboration with regional organizations specializing in higher education and research, to lead efforts that not only address research ecosystem gaps but also foster enhanced regional collaboration on significant challenges.
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