Technology and innovation

AI Impact on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education



The seminar addressed the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation in higher education. The discussions highlighted the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in student-centred learning, its ability to challenge and improve patterns of knowledge transfer, and its potential to make processes around teaching and learning more efficient and effective.

However, the debate also highlighted risks and challenges related to the use of AI in higher education, amongst others, the potential for fraud, complex ethical considerations, and the necessity to ensure sufficient competencies in and around the use of AI. In this light, students as well as teaching staff need to act with diligence and care, in order to benefit as much as possible from this new ‘tool in the box’, at the same time preventing misconduct, bias and discrimination.

Furthermore, the need for an adequate regulatory environment was stressed, relating to both the general (inter-)national legal and the institutional level. Yet, it should be kept in mind that AI itself is merely a new tool, applied in many sectors that already possess good regulation which also covers the use of AI.

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