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Frequent asked questions

RIHED-SHARE makes policy-making and research more accessible and impactful. Data that comes from different sources and organizations culminate in the platform where policy-makers, higher education professionals, researchers and students interact. 

As a user-led platform, the data evolves incorporating the details, discussion and analysis uploaded by the experts in the platform. Contents released come in all formats: articles, policy briefs, infographics, videos and many more. 

Open the learning page and you are taken to a feed of constant updates about higher education trends in the region. The content is not static so users can look for trends, insights and other policy intelligence. 

RIHED-SHARE is a versatile platform that caters to a diverse range of users, each with their specific objectives and interests. Here’s an improved description of the potential users and their interactions with the platform:

  1. Policy Makers: RIHED-SHARE offers valuable insights and trends that can guide policy decisions in the field of higher education. Policy makers can stay informed about the latest research findings and upload recently enacted policies from their respective offices to disseminate information and engage with the public.

  2. Researchers: The platform provides researchers with a comprehensive repository of higher education policies. They can explore the latest policies relevant to their research topics or specialties, analyze their effects, and contribute their own research findings for discussion and peer feedback. Researchers may also utilize the platform to bring their work to the attention of policy makers for potential recommendations.

  3. University Executives: RIHED-SHARE serves as a strategic resource for university executives in shaping the direction of their institutions. They can access policy insights and the latest research to inform decision-making processes. Furthermore, university executives can explore capacity-building opportunities for their staff, seek collaboration initiatives with other universities and experts, and showcase the latest initiatives and opportunities available at their respective institutions.

  4. Students: Students can benefit from RIHED-SHARE by exploring scholarship opportunities within the region. Additionally, they can connect with mentors and advisors who are experts in their field of study, seeking guidance and support. The platform allows students to stay informed about relevant events and initiatives and provides them with a platform to engage with experts and policymakers.

  5. General Public: RIHED-SHARE is not limited to professionals and academics alone. Members of the public can utilize the platform to submit their questions and receive answers from experts in the region. This feature enables knowledge-sharing and bridges the gap between experts and the wider public.

In summary, RIHED-SHARE accommodates a broad spectrum of users, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, collaboration, and informed decision-making in the realm of higher education.

Visit the Learning Section because it provides the latest information on higher education from the Southeast Asian region. Here, RIHED-SHARE functions as a knowledge platform and notice board for the latest developments and future directions of Southeast Asian higher education. Should you have a more specific keyword in mind, access the search function in the menu bar of the website or directly in the Learning Page. You can also access different categories in the News section. If you need more information that you can find in any of the abovementioned methods, feel free to send us your question and to be directed to an expert through the Contacts page. 

Yes! Suggest a specific topic or content to be added to the knowledge platform by going to the Contact us page and typing your suggestion. Our team will make sure to listen to our audience’s feedback and consider it for our next round of contents. 

Yes and it is encouraged! If you are a Southeast Asian higher education expert or practitioner, we encourage you to join our Community of Practice by signing up to our community platform. You can share your expertise, interact with other Southeast Asian higher education practitioners and submit content for publishing. You can sign up here. Do note that content submissions are strictly limited to relevant Southeast Asian higher education information only. 

As of the moment, access to the knowledge platform is free of charge. It is a service to the region and beyond. The aim is to derive collective intelligence among higher education stakeholders in the region.