The Future of Education

The “ASEAN Regional Forum on the Future of Education” was convened on 24-26 May 2023, via video conference, to discuss inclusive recovery from the challenges brought on by the pandemic and explore steps to invest in the future of education. This regional forum also aimed to ensure that ASEAN Member States are informed of the ongoing responses, digitalization initiatives, and opportunities that can help define the future of education, and enhance the quality, relevance and access to education across all levels.
Investing in the future of education was a critical point identified in the 2021 Paris Declaration,* which was reaffirmed by the Bangkok Statement of 2022,** that aimed to prioritize safe school reopening, learning recovery, and learning continuity and transforming education and educational systems. Dynamic societal changes, such as globalization, digitalization, and climate change, among many others, are predicted to also have bigger impact on the educational landscape in ASEAN Member States.
Forward-looking ASEAN leaders thus committed to lay the groundwork for the Future of Education within the region, as embodied in the 2020 ASEAN Declaration on Human Resource Development (HRD) for the Changing World of Work and Its Road Map, the 2022 Declaration on the Digital Transformation of Educational Systems in ASEAN, and the ASEAN Community’s Post-2025 Vision that is currently in development.


The “ASEAN Regional Forum on the Future of Education” provided a platform and an opportunity to develop regional policies and mobilize actions for and by ASEAN Member States with their dialogue partners and the broader sociocultural community.

The forum will shape the Future of Education Flagship Reports and Policy Briefs, which will include future-oriented insights, recommendations, and pathways for the transformation of education toward attaining ASEAN Education 2050. 


The Forum discussed thematic issues on:
a. Transforming Education Agendas: Building the Future We Want
b. Teacher Development: Innovations and Best Practices for the Future of Education and Beyond
c. Inclusive ASEAN 2050: Building Equitable Societies and Learning Cities:

Additionally, it shared education plans and forward-looking strategies to support learning recovery and digital transformation in the post-pandemic era. It also discussed innovative solutions to support the transformative education agendas that contribute to equitable education, greening education and climate action, youth representation and quality teaching and learning, as well as gather insights and recommendations to develop ASEAN Education 2050 roadmap. Overall, it  gathered consensus on building the Future of Education in ASEAN.

The event was attended by high-level officials from ASEAN Member States, dialogue partners, education experts, members of the academe, and thought leaders from intergovernmental and multilateral organizations, regional bodies, and ASEAN Entities.



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